Evaporative Cooling Systems

Evaporative cooling is the cheapest and most environmentally friendly method to cool your living space. You will find the Aqua Breeze cooling systems from Eco Pacific to be simply advanced and surprisingly cool.
Using a hush drive motor fitted with dynamically balanced impeller, it brings fresh, filtered, cool atmospheric air into your home which requires a few windows to be partly open to allow the exit of the air. Evaporative cooling in Melbourne provides the most cost effective method of central cooling of houses offices factories restaurants clinics, and healthcare centres, etc.

Aqua Breeze Fresh Air Evaporative Cooler AB119

Aqua Breeze Fresh Air Evaporative Cooler AB135

Aqua Breeze Fresh Air Evaporative Cooler AB162

Aqua Breeze Fresh Air Evaporative Cooler AB182

Add-On Cooling

Add-on cooling is beneficial if you want refrigerated cooling with a cheaper heating option. What is add-on cooling, you ask?

Well, “add-on cooling,” as the name suggests, is literally an add-on to your heater, be it existing or new. We install a cooling coil in the ductwork and an outdoor condenser. It is a little bit cheaper to run than your conventional ducted refrigerated cooling as it uses the heater fan to cool. And the biggest benefit is that you use the same ducting as your heater ducts, so you don’t need additional vents in the ceiling.

Ducted Refrigerative air conditioning in Melbourne is the most effective and efficient way to control the temperature of your house or work place for your own comfort. Evaporative air conditioning is the most common way to control the harsh and volatile weather of Melbourne. The price of ducted air conditioning is relatively affordable and cost-effective.

Ducted Refrigerative Air Conditioning


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Our successful 25 years in the business helped us understand better the changing needs of our customers together with the changing conditions of our environment. It is our priority to make your living spaces the safest and most comfortable refuge for you and your loved ones. We do this through our cost-effective, eco friendly, and ecologically sustainable low emission products.

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For more than 25 years, Eco Pacific has been designing and developing products that are pushing the boundaries of heating, cooling, and ventilation technology. Eco Pacific is a family owned and run company that aims to provide excellent indoor air quality, human comfort, and high customer satisfaction through our personalized service.

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